Career prospects

The GIMA programme aims at educating students to become:

  • all-round managers of geo-information and/or
  • all-round geo-information researchers and/or
  • all-round geo-information application specialists.

Academic careers

GIMA is a fully fledged Master of Science programme with ample attention for academic and research skills in the first six modules. Individual Master thesis research in the second part of the programme is a solid basis for a possible PhD. GIMA course participants have the advantage that they will be exposed to PhD opportunities at four Dutch universities.

Non-academic careers

GIMA graduates have excellent career prospects. Especially the demand for managers and application specialists in geo-information in the professional market is still constantly increasing. It is our experience that our students find jobs very fast upon completion of the programme. All-round geo-information managers, -researchers and -application specialists are in high demand in many different fields of application and the number of experts in this field is scarce, adding to the career opportunities for our graduates.

Alumni work in the private sector with for example energy or utility companies, or in the field of geo-marketing or consulting. Furthermore, graduates could start their career in the public sector, like in research institutes, municipalities, or other governmental services. A combination of both sectors could also be possible.