Admission and application

Applicant information

Applicants seeking admission to the MSc Programme in Communication Design for Innovation should have a Bachelor’s degree in one of the natural sciences or technology subjects, related to those taught at TU Delft. To determine whether you are eligible for admission, please visit (for students with a Dutch degree).

See detailed information on applications for:

Please note: this track has changed name from 'Science Communication' to 'Communication Design for Innovation' per 1 September 2020.

Bachelor of Engineering (HBO) students

With a HBO bachelor’s degree you are not directly admissible to our MSc programme. We do not offer a bridging programme. However, there are possibilities to become admissible to our programme. As a HBO student, you will always apply for our 2-year programme. In this programme you will combine Communication Design for Innovation courses with courses from another master’s programme at TU Delft. Therefore, it is possible to do a bridging programme to another master at TU Delft to become eligible for our master’s programme. You can find more information about the bridging programmes to other master’s programme on their websites. All the master’s programmes at TU Delft can be found here. In addition to taking a bridging programme, you also need to comply with the TU Delft requirements for HBO students.

Application deadline:
31 August

Please note that students applying for the 2-year and 3-year programme need to compose a programme proposal before starting the programme in September. Therefore, we advise students applying for these programmes to apply before 1 August.

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