Angelica Babel

In September 2017, I started following the Master’s in Science Communication programme, after completing the minor Communication Design for Innovation and my Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics. I started this Master’s because I was looking for a programme that would allow me to work on both mathematics and communication. Mathematics is still a part of me and even though I was tired of the dry and dusty calculations, I will never let go of it entirely. The Master’s is exactly what I was looking for: it’s a useful extension of my technical side and combines it with a communication side I was yearning for.

I enjoy the programme because we do projects and work on real-life cases in a multidisciplinary group of students. In addition, the knowledge we gain in class is immediately put into practice and we develop communication strategies and tools that bring society and organisation together.

Thanks to the different courses on communication, journalism, marketing and research, I’ve developed a new way of thinking and working. I used to only think about mathematical models and whether they’d solve the problem; I never thought about how the solution would affect the environment. Now, though, I look beyond the technology, think about the impact innovation has on society and look for solutions that bring technology and society closer together.

If you’d like to know more about the programme or have any questions about being a student at TU Delft, feel free to contact me! I look forward to your email!