Programme in detail

The master’s programme Sustainable Energy Technology offers six profiles within the field of Sustainable Energy: Wind, Solar, Biomass, Power, Storage, and Economics and Society. These profiles are organised in six cluster options, so-called Profile Clusters. Each cluster consists of three different profiles, which in turn are made up of courses in a particular energy field. Together they prepare the student to deal with current topics in sustainable energy technology. During the first quarter of the first year, students can choose their Profile Cluster.

Please find below the six profiles followed by an overview of the six Profile Clusters.

How to choose your Profile Cluster?

Because the Profile Clusters cover a very broad range of topics, many students do not possess the background knowledge for all profiles in a Cluster. The table below shows which background fits best with the Clusters:

Prepare for other Profile Clusters

If you would like to choose a Profile Cluster for which you might NOT have all required knowledge based on your Bachelor programme, it is strongly recommended to prepare yourself before the start of the academic year in Delft.

The table below provides an overview of the topics which you are recommended to prepare for each cluster (per different bachelor’s degree background). An empty cell in this overview means that this specific cluster is not advised for this specific background:

Biomass and Power

TU Delft offers special online linkage courses for the topics Biomass and Power. These linkage courses are designed to give you sufficient background for a specific cluster.

The admission links are:

Following a linkage course can cost you up to 120 hours of study time, so do not make the decision to follow one lightly. For the linkage courses, a diagnostic test has been developed which you can use to check your background knowledge in this field. Be sure to do the diagnostic test first in order to check if you have (part of) the required knowledge already.

Mechanics and Dynamics

For Mechanics and Dynamics there is no online linkage course available, as the study load exceeds 250 hours. We therefore advise you to choose the Clusters requiring mechanics and dynamics only if you have had a sizeable amount of these topics in your prior education.

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