MSc Technical Medicine

The Delft University of Technology offers a unique interdisciplinary joint-degree Master programme in technical medicine together with Leiden University, Erasmus University Rotterdam and their academic medical centers.

The programme in technical medicine is a multidisciplinary programme which links science and technology with clinical practice and its professional medical procedures. It combines a thorough understanding of the functioning of the human body and the influence of disease processes with an equally comprehensive understanding of medical technology and professional medical procedures. 

The MSc-program Technical Medicine is in principle meant for students with a BSc degree from a Dutch university in clinical technology (Klinische Technologie/Technische Geneeskunde). There are possibilities to do a bridging programme for Dutch-speaking students with limited deficiencies. Read more

Leiden University, the Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam wish to provide their students with outstanding, varied and innovative education that will enable them to address present-day and future issues. This new programme is the result of  an extensive collaborative effort between the three partners, bottom-up research and cooperative network organisations such as Medical Delta.

Clinical Technicians create and apply new solutions for technical-medical problems in direct patient care by devising new, better and safe diagnostics and therapeutic proceduresies. You will be trained to work in the Dutch health care sector. Therefore the Master programme will be mainly taught in Dutch.

The Master programme offers two tracks:

Track Imaging & Intervention

This track focuses on two important trends in health care: early diagnosis and developing the most targeted patient-specific treatment possible with the shortest possible recovery time and minimal side effects.

Track Sensing & Stimulation

To optimize treatment, it is necessary to closely monitor and manage the patient’s health status by means of ‘precision diagnostics and targeted therapy’. This track combines the techniques and applications of these sensing (monitoring) and stimulation techniques.