MSc programme

The MSc programme in technical medicine is a three-year programme. The official starting moment of the programme is September.

The programme is a combination of theory, applications, skills, and clinical technological internships (see the module graph for an overview of all subjects and their place in the curriculum). The theoretical MSc programme will be taught in English, while the skills training and the communication in the clinic) will be in Dutch. The curriculum has the following structure for both specialisations: 

  • The first year will concentrate on providing a deeper theoretical understanding of the specialisation, training students in reserved procedures and clinical skills in a simulated environment and broadening their knowledge and skills in patient safety, efficiency, quality and the implementation of complex medical technologies.
  • In the second year, students will do four clinical-technological internships of ten weeks each. One of these internship has an assignment spread across multiple departments.
  • In the final year is dedicated the graduation project. Students will do an extensive clinical-technological internship, which will require them to conduct a literature study, do research that will be the foundation of their final thesis and enhance their clinical skills in a clinical setting.

The specialisations share the skills training and a limited number of modules as visualized in the module graph.