MSc Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics

The MSc programme in Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TIL) is a two-year comprehensive programme that provides graduates with a comprehensive view of the field of transport, infrastructure and logistics.  

TIL graduates have up-to-date knowledge of

  • transport policy making and spatial planning
  • design of transport systems, supply chains and infrastructure networks
  • the operation, management and control of these systems.

They know how to design new road, rail, air and water transportation services for passengers and/or freight; to efficiently manage transportation networks; and to design and control complex supply chains. These skills are invaluable for the design, development and maintenance of cost-effective, efficient systems for moving passengers and freight. TIL graduates are able to make appropriate decisions for clients, employers and society, because they understand the complex decision-making processes during infrastructure development and planning.

Degree: MSc Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics

Accredited by NVAO

Credits: 120 ECTS, 24 months

Type: Full-time on campus

Language: English

Start: September

TU Delft is world leading university in the area of Transportation Science and Technology and holds a 2nd position in the Global Shanghai Ranking by academic subjects in 2022.

Key features

➨ Learn to develop solutions in designing transport systems, complex supply chains, and infrastructure networks.

➨ Work on modern-day cases in interdisciplinary projects and courses with a diverse student group.

➨ Understand complex decision-making processes to make appropriate decisions for clients, employers, and society.

➨ Acquire skills to efficiently operate and manage transportation networks.

➨ Gain up-to-date knowledge of transport policy-making and spatial planning.

➨ Follow courses offered by different TU Delft faculties.

➨ Choose one of four specialisations: Transport Governance, Traffic Operations, Transport Networks, and Logistics Systems.