Student Experiences

Roxana de Nie

Why did you choose this programme?

The Master Transportation Infrastructure and Logistics (TIL) appealed to me because of its comprehensive and wide view of the different processes and subjects involved in the field of transport, infrastructure and logistics. Subjects such as sustainable mobility, supply chain management and the design of transport networks are all discussed, in which the master really offers the bigger picture. With transport being a major contributor to environmental problems and therefore in need of a lot of improvement, my interest in sustainability fits perfectly in the TIL field.  Innovations such as zero emission cars, hyperloops as sustainable solutions for the future of freight as well as passenger transportation, or other practices such as implementation of zero-emission zones or sustainable last mile delivery are examples of solutions to these environmental issues.

What are currently working on?

Currently I am working on a Design Project at Royal FloraHolland. The company uses a lot of boxes in which their flowers are packed, for which the returning of these boxes normally goes from the florists to the wholesalers and then back to Royal FloraHolland. But now Royal FloraHolland wants to offer a new service in which they handle the empty box stream return themselves, cutting out the wholesaler. In the project, we design/ are designing a new return service system for them, including all their relevant logistic means.

The TIL Design Project is a mandatory part of the programme in which you will be doing an internship at a self-chosen company with a small group of students. You work on the project for 3 days a week, for one quarter. By being able to conduct such an internship in a group, you really get insight into the possibilities of what you can do as a TIL student and you get some hands on experience!

What experience have you enjoyed the most?

The study provides freedom to build your own programme by selecting courses of your interest at different faculties and therefore you can really make it your own. You can choose TIL courses for example at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, but also at Mechanical Engineering or at the Faculty of Architecture!

Tip for future students?

The freedom to build your own program also comes with a lot of planning. Therefore plan your timetable wisely! Also, the student association Dispuut Verkeer of TIL and TTE (Transport and Traffic Engineering) is a perfect way to get to know your fellow students since they organize a lot of interesting business and social activities, and trips during the year. I definitely recommend everyone to join!