Contract Education

TU Delft's BSc and MSc degree programmes offer a wide variety of subjects. Students can register for one or more subjects on a contract basis without having to participate in an entire degree programme. Contract students follow lectures and sit exams only in the subjects for which they are registered. Students who successfully sit the examination receive a certificate.

Available subjects
Visit the web pages of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes for the available subjects per faculty. You can find more specific subject descriptions in the prospectus: All Master's subjects are taught in English. All Bachelor's programmes are taught in Dutch with the exception of Aerospace Engineering.

Some faculties offer the possibility of following master courses online. This gives you the opportunity to study wherever and whenever you want. For more information you can visit the website on online education.

Registration and Admission
You can register for a subject with the contact of the relevant faculty (see table below). The faculty will assess whether you can be admitted to the subjects you wish to follow. Many Master's subjects require you to have followed a BSc programme in a related field. You are required to register at least two months prior to the start of the subject.

Contract students pay one basic registration fee of €500 and €200 per ECTS credit. So, for example, if you follow two subjects of 3 ECTS credits each then the fee will be €1700. If you wish to follow subjects in a following academic year then you will not need to pay the registration fee again, but only the €200 per ECTS credit.

Contacts per faculty


Danielle de Jong

Architecture and the Built Environment

Eric Ootes


Chantal van Woggelum


Anita Brouwer


Siem Klapwijk


Angela de Gier


Jenny Brakels

Applied Sciences

Helen Emmerink