European Post-master in Urbanism (EMU)

Post-master programme

The European Post-master in Urbanism (EMU) is an advanced master degree that engages with the complexities of the design and planning of cities and landscapes, in a jointly run programme by TU Delft, KU Leuven, UPC Barcelona and Universit√† IUAV di Venezia. All four universities adhere to the specifically European tradition that views urbanism as a collection of socially responsible disciplines, which aim to improve the living conditions of all citizens. 

The universities take different approaches to the subject matter, which is the result of interactive, contextual development with regard to geography, history and culture. This specificity means that students acquire valuable experience in a variety of cultural, disciplinary and physical landscapes. At TU Delft there is a focus on two major research topics, Metropolitan Structures and Delta Urbanism, working in a Dutch tradition of urbanism as an integration of urban design, landscape architecture and spatial planning.

The EMU programme is seen as incubator for design driven research with students building up a skill set in research and design through studios, intensive workshops and supplementary courses. Participants come from a wide range of countries and are asked to reflect on and challenge how planning and urban design operates in the Netherlands, the European Union and their home countries.

EMU alumni take leadership roles in their home countries or go on to do advanced research on critical issues in Europe and abroad. The programme thus enhances career prospects.

EMU offers a two-year, full-time post-master programme (120 ects).


After successful completion of the programme, students will receive:

  • a diploma signed by the hosting institution where the students complete their first semester and final thesis semester. TU Delft has the first accredited programme within the EMU consortium and therefore Delft-graduated EMU students will be entitled as Master of Science*;
  • the consortium certificate of European Postgraduate Master In Urbanism (Strategies and Design for Cities and Territories). 

Student Mobility

Course participants must fulfill a minimum of 90 ECTS at the host university and will follow one semester at one of the partner universities. This will take place during the third semester.

Language of instruction

The courses are conducted in English, although Spanish will be used in UPC, Barcelona.

* With a diploma of the Architecture, Landscape Architecture or Urbanism track you can - after completion of a professional traineeship (beroepservaringperiode) - apply for registration in the Dutch Register of Architects, which allows you to use the protected title of Architect, Landscape Architect or Urban Designer in the Netherlands. The Building Technology and Management in the Built Environment tracks, as well as the Post-master's programmes EMU and Berlage, do not allow you to register in the Dutch Register of Architects. Read more


EMU Programme director M.J. van Dorst - email


From 2020 EMU programme is no longer accepting new students at TU Delft.
In case you want to apply for this programme at one of the partner universities check here for further information.