Scholarships from other providers

The following conditions apply if (conditionally) admitted MSc students are awarded a (full) scholarship from an external scholarship provider or organization and wish to submit this to TU Delft.

  1. The scholarship letter must be submitted before 1 June to  indicating your student number.
  1.  The scholarship letter must contain the following information:
    • name of the scholarships provider
    • date
    • name of the student as shown on passport;
    • date of birth
    • start and end date of the scholarship – duration of the scholarship
    • program the student will be studying at TU Delft;
    • the amount of the scholarship
    • email address where TU Delft should send the invoice for the payment of tuition fee;
  1. The scholarship letter must be approved by TU Delft before 15 June at the latest. If the scholarship letter does not meet the requirements of the IND, the scholarship will be rejected, with the result that students must transfer the tuition fees and living costs as indicated on the Financial Letter to TU Delft before 1 July.
  1. Should the scholarship not cover the full 1st year Living costs, students are required to transfer the difference in fees before 1 July.
  1. All students are required to transfer to TU Delft the applicable requested service fees (housing and residence permit/visa) before 1 July.
  2. Tuition fees must be fully covered for the duration of the master's degree, i.e. 2 years; scholarship providers should take into account a yearly increase in the tuition fees of at least 2%-3%