ABC Compas

ABC Compas is a student association for students that have an affinity with Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. An association where Dutch Caribbean students can feel at home.

ABC Compas is a non-profit student association founded by TU Delft students in 2011. In the beginning the association targeted students from Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao that came to the Netherlands to study engineering at TU Delft. However, over the years the association has grown and now welcomes all Dutch Caribbean students, regardless of their study. Nevertheless, we will always have a special place for engineering, science and stem in our hearts.

We strive to make members feel at home by organizing both social activities, career and study related events. That’s why our motto is “sinti bo na [k/c]as!” (feel at home!) in Papiamentu/papiamento. The social activities create a casual environment for our members to connect, and above all, to have fun. Career & study related events help our members develop their skills and learn useful tips and insights that they can use for their careers later on.

One of our priorities is to help first-year students with getting settled in the Netherlands. This is why we organize multiple introductory activities where the students can get tips about starting up their lives in the Netherlands. We also provide buddies for students that want a bit of extra help.

Follow us on our socials to get information of our latest activities.

ABC Compas


Target audience:


Anochi Krioyo

One of our most popular annual events is the Anochi Krioyo. This is a big Caribbean dinner where all of our members gather right before the holidays to have traditional Caribbean Christmas food. Therefore the event is catered to cultural dishes like “ayaka and ham di pasku”. After dinner we party the Caribbean way, creating a local vibe for our members.

Introduction Delft

In August we organize an introduction day for the new engineering students from Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. This day includes the Delft boat tour, climbing the New Church, crazy challenges in the city center and a campus tour. At the end of this long day we also provide dinner. For the students that aren’t ready to go home yet, ABC Compas is always willing to stick around for an after party.


Together with SUBEST Delft we have a sports day for our members to enjoy a day of physical activities.

Food for thought

These educational events consist of informative presentations, debates, and great food!

End of the year BBQ

Traditional summer activity: good food, Caribbean drinks, and some sun if we’re lucky!

ABC goes

During ABC Goes members of ABC Compas get the opportunity to discover unknown cities in Europe.


Alumni Group

Many of our graduating members still want to stay in contact with their old friends and ABC Compas. That is why we offer them the Alumni group. This group gets together every once in a while to catch up over drinks or dinner either in The Netherlands or one of our islands. They also provide ABC Compas with valuable contact to organize informative career orientated events for our members.

ABC Goes Committee

This Team is in charge of organising our loved ABC Goes, here our members get the opportunity to discover an unknown city in Europe. With the years we have improved the quality our trips making it longer and funnier for everyone

Media Committee

The Media committee is responsible for all imagery published by ABC Compas. This included making posters, writing blog posts, making the magazine and maintaining and updating the website.

Social Events Committee

All social activities, including BBQ’s, Pub Crawls, Game Night, Borrels and much more are organised by the Social Events Committee.

Educational Events Committee

The Educational Events Committee organizes many educational events such as Food for Thought, coding workshops, company excursions.
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