The association for internationally-minded students who love to travel, explore other cultures, and have fun in Delft or in our European network

Did you know that together we have travelled the distance from Earth to the Moon, and still have kilometres left to walk around the Moon?

AEGEE-Delft is a student travel association that is also very active in Delft itself. Besides the hitchhiking trips, organised travels and exchanges there are also many activities in and around Delft, such as theme parties, social drinks, member’s weekends, game nights and an annual music and culture festival. AEGEE-Delft is a versatile association where community and travelling are central. In addition, AEGEE-Delft is a place where you can self-develop and gain experience you won’t gain while studying. AEGEE-Delft is an association with about 250 students who are adventurous, and eager to travel and to learn, who have broad interests and are looking for connections, broadening their horizons and a place to feel at home.

At AEGEE, nothing is mandatory and anything is possible. We value an open, connected and positive atmosphere. We have five central values:

  • Conviviality
  • Travelling
  • European network
  • Community
  • Personal development

During trips with AEGEE-Delft or at other events by AEGEE-Europe you will meet students from every corner of Europe. Last year we visited 14 cities, including Istanbul, Paris, Aachen, Cologne, Katowice, Krakow, Warsaw, Grodno, Izmir, Lyon, Marseille, Passau, Bucharest, and Reims! Every year we can join a spectacular weekend together with members of all Dutch AEGEE locals and during the summer you can travel cheaply in a group of 30 other AEGEEans to more than 70 cities in Europe!

AEGEE can be much more than just travelling and having fun. Our European network focuses a lot on youth mobility and youth development. We do this though our focus areas. In the last four years, these were Equal Rights, European Citizenship, Civic Education, and Youth Development. During the coming four years we fill have four new focus areas: Climate Emergency, Mental Health, Social Equity and Political Activism. AEGEE organises many events and trainings related to these areas. Ample opportunities to self-develop!


Hitchhiking competitions

We organise three or four hitchhiking competitions every year. This can be a weekend city trips, for example to Paris, a week-long adventure, such as hitchhiking to Warsaw and then continuing to Belarus, and anything in between. Hitchhiking is the best way to get to know Europe and its citizens and a truly unique way to travel. You will encounter the loveliest people, hear the craziest stories and gain experiences you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Local projects

We offer many thematic projects. For example, leading up to the European Parliament elections we organised ‘Delft in de ban van Europa’: two months of debates, theatre performances, lectures and fun activities. We also have our yearly festival for art, music and technology: ‘t Collectief. The Tandem Language Exchange Project provides a platform for learning another language through language buddies and events. Besides these, we have new projects every year.

European projects

AEGEE-Europe has awesome projects. Europe on Track is a project to raise awareness, to create a space for discussion and to capture the opinions of youth in Europe on important social issues. 2 teams (a videographer, a photographer and an interviewer per team) will travel by train across 20 cities in one month to deliver workshops, interview young people and organize events. We have the Eastern Partnership project, which connects Western and Eastern Europe; SMASH, to train safe persons and raise awareness for sexual harassment; Y-vote, to encourage young people to make informed choices during elections; Summer Universities: cultural exchanges in over 70 cities in Europe; and so much more!

Local events and social drink

We have a social drink every week, and organise many local activities, both fun and formal.

Visits to nearby locals

We often hop over for a visit to our friends in Dutch, Belgian and German AEGEE locals.

Twin local

We are twinned with AEGEE-Passau, which means that we often have exchanges and events together.


Local committees

AEGEE-Delft consists of many committees and working groups that provide content and liveliness and support. Our trips are organised by the Hitchhiking, Travel or Winter Sports committees, our events are organised by the Events committee and Social Drink committee. In addition, we have many thematic committees and working groups, such as the European committee, the Yearbook committee, the IT working group, the Cooking group and the Batavierenrace team.

Local social clubs

Our association has groups of friends that are bound by a certain interest: social clubs. Everyone can start a social club, you just need to find a common interest! Examples of social clubs are the Gentleman’s Club Semper Florens, Ladies’ Club Papillon, Nostalgic Club Zandstorm, Beer Brewing Club Unibrouw, Survival Club Caput Lupinum, and Green Club GFT. Every club organises a few open activities a year and they often come together to pursue their interests, such as brewing their own beer.

European committees

There are many opportunities on the European level of AEGEE. You can develop new skills and work together in an international team, such as in the Human Resources, Sustainability, Public Relations, and Events Quality Assurance Committees. The working groups work on thematic events and projects; we have the Equal Rights, European Citizenship, Civic Education and Youth Development working groups. At the end of 2020 we will have four new ones: the Climate Emergency, Social Equity, Mental Health and Political Activism working groups.

European interest groups

Interest groups are forums for all AEGEEans to discuss and work on various topics. We have interest groups on many different topics, including Politics, Society & Environment, Migration, LGBT, Language and Health. It is also possible to form your own interest group.
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