DROP Delft

Board sport association DROP introduces board-related sports to students. Our mission is to practice these sports in a fun and affordable way.

We try to bring students together who have a desire or passion for boarding, and get them acquainted with several board sports. Inside DROP we focus mainly on surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, kitesurfing and skateboarding. We are always open to crazy new ideas, and organize activities to make these sports engaging but also different.

The social aspect of our association is just as important for us. We want to create a community where members stimulate each other to practice these sports and improve on them, bringing their boarding skills to a higher level. Since board-related sports are usually tied to high-costs, we make it our goal to make sure that everything that happens within DROP takes place in a fun and affordable way.

At DROP we like to see ourselves as a controlled group of friends that has gotten out of hand. We appoint committee’s to organize events, and everyone within the association is able to join a committee. Hierarchy is a term that we are not familiar with, and therefore we do not differentiate people based on how long they’ve been a member, which sport do they prefer or what their skill level is.

We limit our yearly registrations to keep the feeling of a close-knit group, so unfortunately not everyone can become a member. However everyone is welcome to come to our activities and parties or join us for a drink. As one of our sayings goes: You can’t always DROP in, but you are welcome to DROP by. Every week we have a drink at t’ Boterhuis, which is our main gathering spot for when we are not too busy catching a wave, eating concrete or slashing through some powder.



Flatstyle was an event that took place in 2016 at the heart of Delft. It was a competition that combined elements of snowboarding and wakeboarding into one.
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