D.S.K.V. Paal Centraal

Paal Centraal is a student korfball association. We play korfball but also often have drinks, parties, and other social activities. 

Paal Centraal is a korfball club specifically for students. Some of our members play korfball matches competitively, however, it isn’t necessary to be in a team and play matches every Saturday. There is also a large group of members that only trains during weekdays, or only visits the social activities, or are part of a committee. This is also what makes Paal Centraal special; apart from the sportive aspect, the social aspect is very important. We have drinks together after team practice and match days and once a month the board tries to gather all members at Café Bebop for a drink. Furthermore, our activity committee organises an activity once a month; you can think of BBQs, movie-nights, Ladies/Mans Night, and even a camp lasting 4 days in a camphouse.

We are not the only student korfball association. Many of the other university towns in the Netherlands have their own association. These student korfball associations form a tight community and almost every month an association organizes a tournament which we visit with a delegation of players from Paal Centraal. Apart from the matches on Sunday, an important aspect of the tournament is the party with all the participants of other korfball associations on Saturday. This is a great way to meet your fellow korfball players.

In short, Paal Centraal is an association which combines the best of both worlds: sports and social activities. If you’re interested in joining the trainings (we train twice a week) or just want more information about Paal Centraal, you can contact us at promotie@paalcentraal.nl. We would like to welcome you!

D.S.K.V. Paal Centraal

Requirements to join association:
Full-time student at higher or scientific education

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