Effe Lekker Schaatsen

ELS stands for the dutch words “Effe Lekker Schaatsen”. We are a speed skating association for students in Delft. Our main focus is on speed skating but in the summer we also practise cycling and inline skating. 

From October to April we ice-skate on the skating rink in The Hague. We train on Wednesday and Friday in three to four groups, each with its own level, so everyone can participate.During the season there are a lot of competitions in which you can compete with other students in the Netherlands. There are IUT’s (Inter-University Tournament), NSK’s (Dutch Student Championships) and occasional marathons and competitions in The Hague.

During the summer we cycle on Monday and Thursday. On Tuesday we have training that specializes on the leg muscles and core. On Wednesday we have inline-skate training. On Saturday we have a cycle tour once every two weeks where we cover greater distances.

In addition to sport related activities, we also organize a trip abroad two times a year. Every other week we have drinks together in Delft and a few times a year we organize non-skate related activities.


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