D.S.V. Sint Jansbrug

With around 700 members, Sint Jansbrug is one of the largest student associations in Delft. Our building is a monumental building in the centre of Delft. The historical looks of the building give our association a very cosy ambience!

When you become a member, you will form a “year club” with other freshmen of your choice. This is a friend group that often stays close friends for their entire life, even after they're done with studying. Besides your year club, you can make lots of other friends with other freshmen and older members, as Sint Jansbrug is small enough to know many of the other members. Becoming a member offers you a jump start for building your life in Delft.

Sint Jansbrug is open every Monday to Friday, which means our association offers a friendly place to have a drink and eat after a long day of studying. We are known for a wide range of dinks at the bar, where we stimulate you to drink whatever you enjoy drinking most. You choose whether you prefer drinking a simple beer, a soda or a speciality beer. If you prefer a nice cup of coffee or tea, you can go upstairs and visit our cosy coffee and tea attic. When ordering any drink you like, one thing is considered important: get to know the member behind the bar! At Sint Jansbrug, it is all about enjoying conversations and respecting each other.

Having trouble studying? Our building offers extra study room during the day and all first years are paired with older members from the same study. On top of that, Sint Jansbrug offers various activities tailored to your interests.

If you still want to delve deeper into the association, then there are guilds, which is like a year club but then consisting of members from different years. More interested in sports? There are multiple sporting groups like football, squash, climbing, sailing and more. More interested in culture? Besides groups for cabaret, jamming and singing, there are also monthly cultural activities like drawing or wine tasting. Sint Jansbrug even has groups for the less common interests like brewing beer, playing D&D and charity. You also get the opportunity to organize these kind of groups or events, improving your social and organizing skills.

As you can see, Sint Jansbrug has a lot to offer, you just choose what you want to do!

D.S.V. Sint Jansbrug


Target audience



Every year we organize a big cultural festival in a special location. Here, we welcome members and other interested people to be inspired by up-and-coming bands and other cultural acts. The well-known bands as ‘Go back to the Zoo’ and ‘Chef’s Special’ are great examples of bands that performed here! This open event is always a big success as it shows the true Sint Jansbrug vibe to all visitors.


Every 2.5 years, we organize a big gala at a beautiful location. The previous years, the gala was in big churches where everyone could enjoy an amazing dinner followed by a luxurious party with their date.
Being all dressed up, everyone looks their best. Due to its exclusiveness, many members always look forward to the next one!

Winter Sports

Every year, the fraternity goes skiing/snowboarding together. With around 80 people we get on the bus and travel to a winter sport location. During the day everyone ski's and at the end of the day we all après ski together.

New Year’s Eve Party

After 12 o’clock on new year’s eve, the party starts at Sint Jansbrug! A group of freshmen organises a party for 250 people, which includes taking care of music, logistics and security. It’s one of the few parties in Delft during new year’s eve and always a big success!

Various Parties

Every semester, members organize parties. Here, some members like to boost their DJ skills.

Professional photographs and movies

Some committees take professional photographs, record activities and make movies.

Meet the parents days

Every year, we invite parents of our first year members to get to know us!

Magazine and year book

Some committees write magazines or yearbooks where activities are used as content.

Voluntarily work

During the year, members stick together to do voluntarily work!


Year Club

All our members form a year club, a group of friends with whom you become very close. Mostly on Tuesdays, year club members spend the evening together while having dinner and enjoying drinks or coffee and tea. In the introduction period, all the new members get to know each other. After this period, everyone gets to choose with whom they want to build their year club. Often, year club members become friends for life.


Many different kinds of sports and other practice sessions for cultural hobbies are offered in sub-associations. Weekly training to periodic events are organized and all members that want to participate have the option to do so. The different sport groups at Sint Jansbrug are football, squash, sailing, climbing, running and cycling. The cultural sessions that are organized are cooking, brewing beer, jamming and acting. All members can join these sub-associations!


Guilds are friend groups consisting out of members singed up in multiple years.


Being a member, you can join committees to boost your organization skills for activities.
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