D.S.V.V. "Punch"

D.S.V.V. "Punch" is the Student Volleyball Association in Delft. We have thirteen men's and thirteen women's teams. They play all different kind of levels, from beginners up to 2nd division at X (TU Delft). A drink is held every Friday in our own society ('t Pand), this is in the city center. We have over twenty committees organizing activities such as an annual grass volleyball tournament, fancy dress party and practice match day. 

The Delft Student Volleyball Club "Punch" was founded in 1950. With over 350 members, Punch is one of the biggest student volleyball clubs in the Netherlands.

At Punch, volleyball is played from 4th class up to 2nd division. Every year Punch has at least one ladies team and one men's team with students who have not played volleyball before and are learning the game together.

Since 2007 the association has its own building, called MESKODVL (also named: ‘t Pand), in the city center of Delft. After volleyball games at Friday night we have drinks at ‘t Pand.

We have over twenty committees organizing a variety of activities. An example is the Punch Super Saturday. On this day all the teams have a match at X TU Delft and all parents are invited. There are also committees that organise sports events not involving the competition for example the ski trip in February, the Bootcamp in November, and “Oliebollen” tournament after new years and a grass volleyball tournament in June.

Next to that there are committees that keep the associations alive. For example, the acquisitions committee and the audit committee.

Throughout the year, there are some non-volleyball related events, such as a weekend a way with the hole associations or a fancy dress party. These are all organised by different committees as well.

Except from activities organised by the committees, teams organise their own activities like a team weekend, team dinner before a match or studying together, just to get to know each other and have some fun.

Altogether, Punch is an association where everything is, but you do not have to do anything!

Groups and subgroups


Every year a group of Punchers organises a two day lasting open grass volleyball tournament called SPOENK in the 4th quarter.


A committee with only international members that organises international activities for both international and Dutch Punchers. For example, a dinner where everybody brings home made food from their own country, a Potluck.


This committee with only Freshman offers the First years students a chance to develop themselves by organising one fantastic party.
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