D.S.W.Z. Broach

Are you a student who loves to sail competitively but also enjoys a good time with friends? Then Broach is the place to be!

D.S.W.Z. Broach (Delftse Studenten Wedstrijd Zeilvereniging Broach) is the student competitive sailing association in Delft. To be exact, we are the only student sailing association in the Netherlands that focuses on competitive sailing. Due to this unique focus, our association is composed of motivated and enthusiastic sailors.

As an independent sports association, Broach provides students with the opportunity to sail competitively at any level and at affordable cost. Whether you want to sail to improve your skills, participate in the weekly local competition or train for the world championships, it’s possible at Broach!

Next to sailing, a large aspect of our association is about socializing. creating friendships, and creating room for personal development. After all, we are a student association! Every Tuesday, the members meet for drinks in the Cultuurlab and different activities throughout the year keep friendships and contacts going strong. Two famous and yearly recurring activities are the Broach After Winter-sport Special Beer Festivity (BAWSBF) and the Christmas dinner.

Should you be bursting with energy after your sailing activities and would you like to contribute to Broach and be more active within the association, there are many committees that allow you to create, plan and organize different events. The Kolk committee is a great example, organizing the ‘Slag om Delft’ every year. Like to network? Join the sponsor committee! More the partying and BBQ type of person? The Akcie (Activity committee) is your new home! Prefer to show off your workshop skills and keep the boats in perfect condition? The fleet committee would love to have you. There’s a spot for everyone in Broach!

Broach provides the perfect balance between sailing and the social aspects expected in a student association. Do you like to sail and have a good time? Then Broach is perfect for you!

PS: it’s convenient to have some sailing experience before joining Broach, but it’s not necessary to have experience in competitive sailing. That part is fun to learn with friends and you can definitely do that at Broach!

D.S.W.Z. Broach


Target audience
Bachelor/Master/PhD/PD Eng


Slag om Delft / Battle of Delft

Every year, Broach organizes the ‘Slag om Delft’: a match-race event for the J22 class. Its challenge: navigating in a small sailing area in the center of Delft, creating explosive sprint races that can be watched from only a small distance. The event takes place on the Zuidkolk in Delft where all three of our J22 boats will be present. Winner of the competition may call himself the ‘king of the Kolk’.

Because the race can be watched from all angles, many by-passers stop to watch and be entertained. Broach therefore also organizes the necessary catering and activities for the crowd during the races. This race is a unique opportunity for both crowd and sailor.
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