FC Tutor is the one and only student futsal club in Delft, with around 150 members. The members are both students and alumni from TU Delft. At FC Tutor, you can play at various levels. In the season 2019-2020, FC Tutor has eleven men's teams and one women's team. The first team plays "Hoofdklasse", the third highest futsal level of The Netherlands. The other teams play at different levels. During the season we try to find the right level for every player!

If you're new to football it is also possible to learn to play futsal as a training member. As a training member you are more than welcome to join our weekly training sessions. If you have more experience and if you have the motivation and skills to play on the next level you can try out for our selection teams. We are very happy with our selection trainer Nuno Pereira, who played and coached in futsal at high level in Portugal and who will put in his best efforts to improve your game!

The TU Delft's sport centre (also known as X) is the home of FC Tutor (Mekelweg 8, Delft). Here, the trainings take place on Monday and Wednesday evening. The home matches are most of the time on Friday evening. After these matches, players of several teams come together for a drink in the Sportscafe. Away matches are usually played on Monday or Wednesday evening. Your weekends will always be free!

Beside futsal, FC Tutor organises some other activities, such as a membersday, visits to the Dutch national futsal team and of course some amazing drinks!

FC Tutor