Haagsch Studenten Schutters Korps ‘Pro Libertate'

HSSK is a Dutch student association that enriches your student life with social events and challenging activities, mainly with the military.

The Haagsch Studenten Schutters Korps ‘Pro Libertate‘ connects the student life with social activities and activities with the Dutch military. This does not entail that you become a soldier, it rather enables you to gain access to unique and fun activities with the military. It includes the spectacular military parachute jumping, days at the shooting range, epic military exercises as a practice enemy and participation in international military competitions. Beyond this, we also train for the march highlight, the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse, and ceremonial tasks such as on Prinsjesdag. Despite all these activities with the military, we also value the events that are typical for student associations like drinks every month, poker and movie nights. For these and many more activities you can take a look at our website. Our members come from The Hague, Delft, Leiden, and many other cities around the country. Equally diverse are our study programs but we have in common that we are eager to discover new activities and enjoy spending time together. As one of the so-called studentenweerbaarheden in the Netherlands, we are unique because we are an independent association, which eases the combination with other memberships. Besides that, HSSK has only little obligations so it fits with your schedule surely. Did you become interested in the greatest student association in the country? Come by for a drink or participate in one of many activities! If you want to stay up-to-date and receive information about upcoming activities, just message us (+31 6 37227095) or send an email to werving@hssk.nl. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Important information: One of the requirements for membership is Dutch citizenship. It is not our intention to exclude other nationalities but this is an obligation from the Dutch military due to our connections with them



Target audience
Bachelor/Master/PhD/PD Eng


Smaller projects

Parachute jumping is a daring activity that many of our members look
forward to!