Indian Student Association, Delft (ISA Delft)

Short description (text) of association (max. 144 characters, including spaces) The Indian Student Association, Delft caters to the Indian student community at Delft. We help prospective students with information crucial to their settling in and host events for those who long for the experiences of our beautiful country. The Indian Students Association (ISA) Delft was established by a group of students from the Delft University of Technology in late 2000(s) to render support to the growing Indian student community in Delft.

The Indian Student Association (ISA) Delft was established by a group of students from the Delft University of Technology in late 2000(s) to render support to the growing Indian student community in Delft. The association is engaged in helping prospective students and researchers who intend to join TU Delft with the admission/visa procedure and the general doubts one may have while resettling to Delft.

We at the Indian student association understand the challenges one may come across and act as a source of information on any issues they may face. We also connect current Indian students with prospective students, to ensure they have a direct perspective on the challenges and opportunities. This is done in tandem with the international office of the university. We also aim to create a tightly knit community by hosting Indian festivals and ensure a lively social setting during these events for the students to have a home away from home. Additionally, ISA Delft also creates opportunities for students to interact with Indian alumni from the university to ensure one has better insight after graduating.

Indian Student Association, Delft (ISA Delft)

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The idea was to have two speakers to give a talk about their experience in delft and beyond, surrounding an abstract theme. For this version of ExTalks a PhD candidate and a consultant from Deloitte gave a talk on their experiences for 20 minutes each. This event mainly intended to allow the audience to listen to the stories of those who started on a journey at the same starting point in Delft.

Best Practice

The workshop aimed to seek learnings on the best practices and strategies to crack the Dutch labour market. The workshop was designed to impart the learnings on the three fronts of Jobs and internship opportunities, job applications, motivation letters and CV formulations and finally, interview follow-ups. All the learnings were contextualised from the perspective of an Indian entering into a foreign Dutch market, thereby creating a tailor-made workshop which is especially effective for the lokes of international students.

LaTeX Workshop

An introductory workshop which was intended to make a report with the help of LaTeX typesetting. Participants were equipped with the know-how of LaTex with simultaneous hands-on training on a fictional report.

The Online Gig

A social evening in collaboration with ISA Twente, ISA Eindhoven & ISA Amsterdam bringing musical performances at people’s doorstep through an online medium. An evening were the audience explored the musical talents of students from different universities,essentially making everyone feel more connected during the lockdown.

Christmas Potluck

The holiday season was well spent with a small bunch of people. Participants had a good time socializing and making new friends while enjoying the different delicacies brought by people. The potluck dinner was followed by a dance party grooving to Bollywood music.

Live Yoga Session

The session specifically designed for beginners was organized virtually during the lockdown. The primary intention was to enlighten people about the benefits of yoga and to encourage them to lead a healthy life. It was conducted under the guidance and supervision of a Yoga practitioner and expert.