LATITUD is non-profit and non-political association, formed by TUDelft students and PhDs. The main objective of LATITUD is to gather people from Latin America or interested in the culture and create a new family.

We all feel a little home seek at some point of our studies, therefore LATITUD try to bring a little of that “Latin vibe” here. Events such as parties, dinners and latin festivities give us the opportunity to share our culture.

We are community creators, bringing together the best of two worlds, the Latin-American values of family, respect and passion and contemporary global principles of tolerance, inclusion and social conscience.

We are the best in what we do, because we do not showcase culture in a static manner, instead we are focused in fostering growth and development above everything else.


Professional Events

As part of our mission in TU Delft, we believe in preparing national and international students alike for what the future holds. The transition between University and the labour market can be a difficult one, especially for foreigners. With that challenge in mind, we host events that will help participants form a better idea of what lies ahead. Our events include speakers who have vast experience in the European labour market, alumni who have recently started their careers in the Netherlands and self-made entrepreneurs, always from varied backgrounds.

Cultural Events

Much like the Dutch King’s Day, our holidays and festivities are a key aspect of our culture. Being far from home, we try to bring to the Delft community a taste of the celebrations, with typical food, music and activities. These events are usually family friendly and really display the support that we, as an association, get from the community. Christmas celebrations, day of the dead event and carnival are some of the examples from this category.


No student life is complete without a bit of partying every once in a while. To offset the seriousness of professional and academic development, we propagate the notion that Latin-Americans know how to party. Playing our own mix of international and Latin-American music we get students out on the dance floor to forget about every-day issues and make some unforgettable memories.

Christmas Dinner

Every year we celebrate Christmas with our members in a cosy dinner/drinks

Dutch Courses

Together with SIS Delft, we organize affordable and accessible Dutch courses for our members.

Movie Nights & BBQs

Some get-togethers for everyone to enjoy.



5 members in charge of planning all the events of LATITUD.

Professional Committee

Help students with workshorps or other events to know about the after studies life.

Social Committee

Social Committee