Navigators Delft

We are an enthusiastic Christian student association. We hope to reach as many students as possible with our vision, “Knowing Christ and making Him known”

As Navigators Delft, we want our members to be equipped for getting to know Christ and making Him known. As a student association, we offer a place where valuable friendships can be made and where you can learn a lot in your faith.

If you become a member at Navigators Delft, you also become a member of a “kringhuis”. A kringhuis is a fixed subgroup of approximately 15 people. Within the kringhuizen, we come together weekly to eat together and to discover together who God is and what is means to follow Jesus nowadays.

Besides the evenings in the kringhuizen we have a monthly “open evening”. During such an evening we get together with the whole association to eat, worship and usually we have an inspiring guest speaker over. We have weekends out, a festive gala, and great dinners. Also, because we are part of the national Navigators network consisting of over 3500 members, there are several other activities which you really can’t miss, such as the Focus weekend, the sports day, the song festival and many parties.

Navigators Delft


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