Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia PPI Delft

PPI Delft focuses on strengthen the connection between Indonesian students in Delft. Annually, we introduce our culture through our project.

PPI Delft was established in 1963 by the initiation of Indonesian students who were studying at Delft. It is an independent association and affiliated with another Indonesian Student Associations throughout the Netherlands. Not only organize local activities for Indonesian student in Delft, PPI Delft also execute several activities together with Indonesian associations from different regions in Netherlands. As an association, we also take action as a bridge between Indonesian students and Indonesian Embassy.

We periodically organize our social gathering as well as sports and leisure activities to make the students feel like home. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to handle the feeling of studying abroad and being far away from family. Therefore, becoming a home for Indonesian students in Delft is also our limelight.

Furthermore, we also organize 3-monthly colloquium with intriguing topics in order to enhance and broaden the knowledge of Indonesian student. We believe this movement becomes a way to enhance and trigger the development of science and technology in Indonesia.

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International/Fraternity/Religious/Career/Country or Regional/Culture/Sport

Target audience
Bachelor/Master/PhD/PD Eng


InDelftnesia is the biggest art & culture annual event held by Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Delft.


In the spirit of bringing the fascinating cultural heritage of Indonesia, all Indonesian students have a moral obligation to introduce and share their knowledge and experiences of Indonesia into the international environment. Embracing people to get involved in InDelftnesia is one of the ways to bridge them to find out the emerald of Indonesia.
Departing from the diversity point of view of Indonesia in the world, InDelftnesia 2020 comes up with a fresh approach and concept to provide the sense of Indonesia in Delft, the Netherlands. Art performances, workshop, food bazaar, exhibition, and many more exciting activities would be held in this event.