SRC Thor

SRC Thor, often called “Thor”, is an open student rugby club in Delft.

Currently we have 4 teams; 3 gents teams and 1 ladies team, who train on Tuesday and Thursday evenings on the rugby pitch at X (TU Delft). We have drinks on our beloved boat, the ‘Voorwaarts’. Next to our weekly rugby training, we also have over 20 committees organising fun and rugby related activities, such as our annual trip to the Ameland beach rugby tournament, a freshman (Jonghe Honden en Welpen) weekend or arranging nice club merchandise.

SRC Thor was founded on the 5th of November 1963, as VRC Thor and as a sub-association of student association Virgiel ; VRC stands for Virgiel Rugby Club. In 1975 Thor separated from Virgiel and changed its name to “Student Rugby Club Thor”, often shortened to “SRC Thor”.

SRC Thor currently has 4 teams, three Gents teams and one Ladies team. All our teams train every Tuesday and Thursday night between 18.15-21.30. We train on the fields of X, the Sportscenter of the TU Delft. Our matches are held on Sundays. Our current head coach is Richard Pearson. After the training on Tuesday and matches on Sunday our boat is opened and all our members will go there to enjoy some food and drinks. We are one of the few sports clubs with its own club house called ‘Voorwaarts’ and a shocking fact is that it is an actual boat!  

We are the only student rugby club in Delft, which is freely accessible for everyone. Therefore, members of SRC Thor mostly consists of students and a few burgers. We are one of the biggest student associations for internationals and the biggest student rugby club in Delft.

Thor has over 20 committees organising a variety of activities. For example organising the tour to the Ameland Beach Rugby tournament, a weekend for new members (Jonghe Honden and Welpen) or designing new merchandise for the club. Furthermore, we have committees to keep the club alive like a maintenance committee, a bar committee or a media committee.

With our rich hisThory, the diversity of members and our special clubhouse SRC Thor is one of the most fun and accessible sport clubs at the TU Delft.

SRC Thor


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