Variscopic is a study association for all students of clinical technology and technical medicine, providing activities related to their future career or their social relations with peers.

As study association we try to enrich the life of our students, regarding their education, their career opportunities and their social life. To achieve this goal we organize a lot of activities, varying from case-studies with start-ups and lunch lectures from big corporations in the Med-Tech field to parties or sporting events. All of our activities are organized by different committees. We have a social activities committee, a committee organizing a trip abroad, a committee focussed on organizing career related events and so on. We also have a committee that organizes the introduction weekend for our freshmen students. This weekend is an opportunity for them to get to know the study-program, their peers and the study association Variscopic.

Next to these many activities, our association has good connections with the directors of education form Clinical Technology. This makes that Variscopic is one of the main ties that the directors of education have with the students. We often serve as a representation of the students opinion in discussions regarding the students education. As a consequence of this we play a big role in the education evaluation as well.

Our association is lead by a board of 5 enthusiastic students, who put their studies on hold for one year, to be a board-member. They oversee the committees and are in contact with other organizational bodies at the TU Delft, as well as other study associations. 

S.V.K.T. Variscopic

HeartBeat 2020

This year, on april 23rd, the sixth edition of HeartBeat will take place at Lijm&Cultuur. Due to its popularity, HeartBeat has grown from a small party of 100 people to one of the biggest in Delft, selling over 800 tickets each year. To stay up to date on the theme, ticket-sales and more, follow the facebook event:

Clinical Career Event

An entire afternoon filled with speakers from med-tech businesses, med-tech professionals working in hospitals, break-out sessions with med-tech companies and a career market filled with stands. Finished with networking drinks!