S.V.N.B. Hooke is the study association for all Nanobiology students at the TU Delft and Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam.

S.V.N.B. Hooke is the study association for all Nanobiology students, bachelor and master. Since 2014, the main goal of the association is to serve the interest of Nanobiology students in the best way possible. Hooke is a relatively young association with a welcoming and international community, where members are free to develop themselves as they please.

Hooke strives to guarantee the quality of education by hosting meetings with students in panel discussion and course evaluations. The association acts as the line of communication between the students and the programme.

Besides that, Hooke offers its members varies ways to develop themselves. The association has committees that organise a wide variety of events; from hosting symposia to publishing the association magazine or just organising fun activities for members. Hooke also aims to prepare its members on their future careers by hosting seminars, case studies and in-house visits with companies. All events are open for all Hooke members without any obligatory element; you can just stop by when you interested in an event of subject.


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