Zorg en Zorgverzekering

TU Delft advises all students to have sufficient medical insurance and personal liability insurance. It is your own responsibility to be sufficiently insured on the date of your departure to the Netherlands.

Sufficient medical insurance (in Dutch “ziektekostenverzekering”) covers medical expenses up to the Dutch cost price. The personal liability insurance (in Dutch “aansprakelijkheidverzekering/AVP”) is meant to insure you for damage you accidentally cause to someone else. 

Dutch legislation on healthcare insurance

Which healthcare insurance you need depends on your nationality and whether you have a part time job or paid internship in the Netherlands next to your studies. 

Insurance provider

International Insurances’ package deal for international students

International Insurances offer in collaboration with TU Delft an insurance deal for international students. The university strongly recommends this insurance plan as it is affordable, meets the IND requirements (if you need a residence permit), provides sufficient medical coverage, and includes personal liability insurance among other insurances.

International Insurances, on behalf of TU Delft, offers you the opportunity to have your insurance policies checked to ensure they are sufficient for the Netherlands. 
In case you are already sufficiently covered for medical care, it is also possible to solely purchase the insurance package including personal liability insurance.

For more information and questions related to insurances feel free to contact International Insurances.

Medical care in the Netherlands

Below you can find out which care institution you will need to contact if you face health problems or in case of a life-threatening emergency.