Required Documents

Nomination letter

A nomination letter from your exchange coordinator / project supervisor at your home university stating their name and indicating they approve your application to the TU Delft.

Language certificate requirements

TU Delft carefully monitors the English language proficiency of incoming exchange students. If a student does not fulfil the TU Delft language requirements, our partner university will receive a warning and, in the case of repetition students from this university will be required to submit an official language test result (TOEFL, IELTS of Cambridge Certificate). In order to be considered for an exchange-programme, you have to prove your English is at a sufficient level.

Motivation letter

A clear and relevant 400 - 500 word motivation letter in English

Please address the following points:

  • Why would you like to take part in an exchange program
  • Why did you choose TU Delft and your course selection at the faculty of application?
  • If applicable, why do you want to follow your chosen course/s at a TU Delft Faculty that has no student exchange agreement with your home university.
  • What prior skills/knowledge have you gained that will help you succeed in the course/s 
  • If you would like to conduct an Exchange (research) project, please include a research proposal and any relevant experience to support your choice, only include this if your chosen faculty allows this.
  • Your future academic/career plans

Transcript of records

Authorised list of transcripts. If not available in English, a translation must be enclosed, along with a description of the institution’s credit system. 

Additional documents

Portfolio Only applicable for Master Exchange students at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, see here.
Learning Agreement

For Erasmus+ students only.

Only students who have received an admission letter from TU Delft and their course/s have been approved by the home university and TU Delft, can continue with their Erasmus+ Learning Agreement.

Students must find out from their home university how they will be processing the Learning Agreements with their partners. There are different options available to Erasmus+ students:

  • Students can process their Learning Agreements via the system of their home university, for example via the EU dashboard. Students will need to have received their ESI (European Student Identifier) from their home institute. This digital identifier enables students to identify themselves when they access student exchange services online.
  • Students whose university does not have their own system can do either of the following:
       - Send the Learning Agreements to the faculty exchange coordinators via email. 
       - Upload the Learning Agreements after the approval of courses in Osiris.

Please note: Students applying at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and the Faculty of Industrial Design and Engineering will be notified in which course package they will be enrolled. After this, students must then send the Learning Agreement to the faculty exchange coordinators to be signed via one of the options above.

For contact details of your faculty, please click here for more information.