Abdulrasaq Gbadamosi


I am Abdulrasaq Gbadamosi currently pursuing my masters in Electrical Sustainable Energy. I chose TU Delft, because it is one of the best universities in the world, and is well known for record breaking researches in sustainable energy.

While applying to TU Delft, I had this constant bug in my mind about the possibilities of undergoing an internship as part of the curriculum. I found out that there are internship opportunities within the MSc programmes and this really impressed me unlike with many other schools in other countries. There is also strong synergy between the university and the industry.

Delft offers an enabling environment for learning and embraces cultural diversity which makes the city conducive for international studies. As a prospective student I had a lot of questions relating to culture, weather, housing among other things but I could not find answers to most of my questions. This is what prompted me to become an ambassador.

As you prepare to come to TU Delft, you’d be intrigued at the serenity and wonderful ambience in and around the city. Perfect for studying, and also with a state-of-the-arts sports and culture centre, where you can relax and get involved in activities to ease away the accumulated tension and stress from studying. I play tennis during my leisure time and would welcome a challenge if the weather permits.

Do not hesitate to contact me on Facebook or LinkedIn or via email for more information concerning application procedures, housing, food, and any other doubts you might have.

As a tip, endeavour to apply before 1st December in order to be considered for scholarship. Learn how to cook and how to ride a bicycle before coming to Delft.

To ba ni ibere kankan ni pa TU Delft, ma faseyin lati je ki nmo.

Name: Abdulrasaq Gbadamosi
Country: Nigeria
Former University: Funaab, Nigeria
Current programme: MSc Electrical Sustainable Energy
Email: niyigbada@gmail.com
Linkedin: Abdulrasaq Gbadamosi
Facebook: Ambassadors