Belisa Speranzini

TU Delft was my only choice given its excellence in Hydraulic Engineering. The professors are highly qualified, the facilities are outstanding, and the variety of courses allow you to tailor the program to your interests. Coming to Delft has been a challenging experience, but I have never learned so much, both about my professional career as about myself. Naturally, I had many questions when applying and moving to the Netherlands, and luckily, I could count on colleagues and friends that studied here. I can say they played an important role in my final decision.

That is why I became a Student Ambassador. Questions and doubts should not hold you back from taking up the challenge. If you are truly interested in the university, overcome your fears and go for it - you will never know if you do not try! If you have questions regarding student life in Delft, application, education system, housing, etc., I will be glad to provide you honest information. I do my best to motivate and raise the aspiration of prospective students, so do not hesitate to contact me.

Name: Belisa Speranzini
: Brazil
Former University
: Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC)
Current programme:
 Hydraulic Engineering
: Ambassadors