Bobby Kartoidjojo

I am Bobby Kartoidjojo, born in Suriname (South America), but since 2012 I live in the Netherlands. Currently, I am doing the master transport, infrastructure, and logistics at TU Delft. Before this master, I did the bachelor program Civil Engineering at TU Delft. This university is my preferred university, because of its international great reputation and the university is in the west of the Netherlands, where major cities are located, which I like very much such as the Hague, Amsterdam, Leiden, and Rotterdam. 

I have a strong interest in photography, football, architecture, travelling, and politics. Currently, I am active in a political party in the city of Delft, where I occasionally discuss about mobility. Furthermore, I am also a student-assistant at the faculty of Civil Engineering, where I support first year bachelor students with several assignments. 

Studying at TU Delft is a great place to develop your qualities. A lot of world class subjects are available of which you can choose from to suit your own preferences besides your regular program. Besides your education, you also have the opportunity to join (inter)national associations. A wide variety of associations are available such as sports, cultural, study and student organizations. Everything you can imagine of is in Delft. You feel at home here, because a lot of different students from all over the world study in Delft. Living in the Netherlands means living in a totally free society, where you can be who you are. 

Personally, I had a couple of challenges such as finding the right balance between studying and free time, finding the right way to study, and finding a daily routine. It is important to not only study, but also take time to relax and socialize. That is beneficial for your wellbeing. Be kind to yourself. 

As a student-ambassador, I would like to help international students as much as possible with their questions and requests or other things. Getting to the Netherlands is not easy, especially finding the right information. Since I know the Netherlands and TU Delft very well, I can support international students with finding their way around in the Netherlands, at TU Delft and on the digital environment. 

Bobby Kartoidjojo

Country: Suriname
Current program: MSc Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics, track Engineering, TU Delft
Previous program: BSc Civil Engineering TU Delft