Chia-Lun Yeh

Hi, I’m Lun. I’m a first-year Master student in Computer Science, in the track of Data Science. I’m from Taiwan and I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in National Taiwan University, majored in Electrical Engineering.

I heard about TU Delft during my exchange year in KTH, Stockholm. When I was searching for master programs, this program stood out because of its flexible curriculum and the abundance of interesting courses I can take. In this program, there are only a few mandatory courses, the rest of the curriculum can be chosen to fit one’s own interests and objectives.

Personally, I decided to come to Delft for several reasons. First, the program fits me. Second, the Netherlands have advanced health care systems, and a lot of research in related fields. Since I want to apply data science in the field of health and medicine, I think studying and having contact with the industry here is helpful. Finally, TU Delft is high-profiled and known to be really demanding, which I believe would help me polish my skills and be prepared for future career.

Feel free to contact me for any question concerning application process, the university, the program, the life here or scholarship possibilities  (although I didn’t acquire one). Or if you are still highly indecisive and just want to randomly chat a bit to better orient yourself, you can also get in touch with me. I can share more of my journey with you, and possibly compare KTH and Delft for your references :)

Chia-Lun Yeh
Country: Taiwan
Former University: National Taiwan University
Current programme: Data Science & Technology