Daphne Rein-Weston

During my search for graduate school programs in aerospace engineering, the MSc programs at TU Delft stood out among the rest for several reasons. One of the most important reasons for me was the accessibility of excellent research facilities, such as the Cessna Citation aircraft or the 6 degree of freedom flight simulator, SIMONA. Since gaining hands-on experiences in my research as a master’s student was a main goal for me, it became clear that TU Delft would be the best match.

I am really grateful to be studying at TU Delft, and realize that I may have easily missed the opportunity. It was due to several colleagues at work who happened to be TU Delft alumni that I benefited from hearing their stories and first-hand-accounts of what it was like to be students at TU Delft. Having the opportunity to talk informally with them and being able to broach all of my questions, from weather to thesis work details, clarified for me what to expect and thus made me much more confident and secure in my decision-making. Because of this invaluable support I received, I am motivated to serve as a similar resource for students who are considering to study here.

Outside of my studies, one of the activities I enjoy most is to fly. I am originally from Seattle, where aviation and its history have a strong presence. While I observed many differences between my home and Holland when I first moved here, I was also struck by the similarities. I feel lucky to be living in and experiencing a new country; my advice for new students would be to make use of your new location by exploring your surroundings and enjoying new places!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have—I am happy to help!

Name: Daphne Rein-Weston
Country: USA
Former University: Princeton University
Current programme: Aerospace Engineering
Email: dreinweston@gmail.com
Linkedin: Daphne Rein-Weston
Facebook: Ambassadors