Dara Awe

My name is Dara Awe and I’m currently in my first year of masters in Civil Engineering, the building engineering track. I did my bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering in the University of Lagos, Nigeria. I chose to study in TU Delft because I wanted a multidisciplinary study where I could combine bits of Mechanical Engineering with Civil Engineering. I ended up applying to the Building Engineering track of the Civil Engineering master’s programme because it has an all–encompassing curriculum; it focuses on the architecture, structure and the technical aspects of buildings. An important factor for me was the integration with architecture, making it a well-rounded course and availing the building engineering students the opportunity to be familiar with the role of architecture in creating successful buildings. Also, the delft global initiative’s aim of solving problems in developing countries using technology was exciting to me.

I applied to be an ambassador because I think it would be fun to help students, especially other Africans navigate the Netherlands and provide useful tips that could help them adapt better. There was a lot of information I wasn’t privy to that I can offer to help make application easier for incoming students. I am also an ambassador for the Sub-Saharan Global Initiative Scholarship and I currently get a lot of questions from incoming applicants about the scholarship.

Feel free to ask questions about the admission, other scholarships, the Netherlands and TU Delft.

Name: Awe Oluwadara
Country: Nigeria
Former University: University of Lagos
Current programme: MSc Building Engineering
Email: O.O.O.Awe@student.tudelft.nl
Linkedin: Dara Awe
Facebook: Ambassadors