Dongjin Son

My name is Dongjin Son and I am studying microelectronics in electrical engineering department. I completed my bachelor degree at Eindhoven University of Technology. I have chosen to move to Delft from my home university for various reasons. The track professors are well recognized all over the globe which shows thorough understanding of their field. Also, TU/delft offers great deal of extra curriculum for students. Lastly, there are  social, academic, and cultural events available throughout the year for international students not only within the university, but also within the city of Delft.

I imagine there are wide range of questions you would like to ask before and after making the final decision; from the experiences of programs, admission process, career aspect of an international student, transaction, and any other practical information. However, as you might have experienced, there  are limited amount of information a prospect student can get to fully grasp the idea of studying here through university information desk. For that reason, TU/Delft student ambassadors exist; to answer your questions. We, student ambassadors, have all gone through it and now we are here to alleviate your concerns and answer your questions. So don’t be shy to ask anything !


세계 정상급 공과대학교인 TU/Delft에서 공부한다는 꿈만같은 일입니다. 하지만 저희 TU/Delft 학생 대사들과 함께라면 충분히 실현 가능한 일입니다. 학교 지원부터, 네덜란드 생활, 취업 가능성 등 질문이 있다면 주저말고 연락주세요 !

Name: Dongjin Son
Country: South Korea
Former University: Eindhoven University of Technology
Current programme: MSc Electrical Engineering
Linkedin: Dongjin Son
Facebook: Ambassadors