Gerhard Olivier

Hi, I'm Gerhard from South Africa. I completed my Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering at Stellenbosch University. I'm currently studying towards a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering, specialising in Structural Engineering. I decided to study at TU Delft not only because of the university's international reputation but also due to its amazing study programme, brilliant research facilities as well as to challenge myself by moving to a different country that is vastly different from my own. Studying at TU Delft has broadened my horizons by bringing me into contact with people from all over the globe - more than 20 nationalities are represented in my Masters specialisation alone!

One of the main reasons for me to come to Delft is the International focus of the university. All Masters Degrees are taught in English, which instantly drew me towards the university. Delft, and the Netherlands as a whole, is very welcoming and inclusive towards foreign students and it did not take me long to settle into things here.

Since starting my Masters Degree, I was thoroughly impressed by the facilities and courses that the university has to offer. The Structural Engineering specialisation itself is divided into various tracks (of which I have selected Steel and Timber Construction), and it offers prospective students the opportunity to really become a specialists in the field of Structural Engineering.

My aim, as a Student Ambassador of TU Delft, is to help prospective students with any uncertainties they might have pertaining to their studies, application to TU Delft, social aspects etc. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you'd merely like to get a current student's perspective of TU Delft and the Netherlands!

Name: Gerhard Olivier
Country: South Africa
Former University: Stellenbosch University
Current programme: MSc Structural Engineering
Faculty: Civil Engineering, CiTG Faculty
Linkedin: Gerhard Olivier
Facebook: Ambassadors