Hardi Njo

Unlike any other students, coming to TU Delft took me two years since I first was settled to study in University of Bristol in United Kingdom. TU Delft, personally, is a hidden gem that deserves more spotlight as the leading engineering university in Europe. Only stumbling upon TU Delft at the verge of confirming my offer, it felt like a punch in the gut, realising this university offers better quality education, reputation and focused technical environment. As a result, I decisively abandoned my study, and chose to apply for TU Delft, even if it takes another year.

TU Delft is non-existent and unheard of in Singapore. The country has a good share of top universities, and the locals seeking overseas education, will be attracted to common path to study in United States, United Kingdom or Australia. I wish to create more awareness for Singaporeans of TU Delft as an excellent alternative for top engineering universities.

There is only so much to studying in an university. One must immerse themselves with whatever the university has to offer. I am currently busy with DARE, Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering which pride itself in rocket-built and designed by students, as well as an aircraft building student association, Lambach, working on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
Learn how to ride a bike if you do  not know how to, or prepare to do some walking. Headphones is very useful if you happen to study in a noisy but calm environment.

Having visited top universities, such as MIT and Harvard  during my backpacking travel, TU Delft is not lacking that far behind. Should you have a strong contender for TU Delft as a place of study, I would be more than happy to tell you most probably, you should choose TU Delft. 

Name: Hardi Wiranata Njo
Country: Singapore
Former University:
Temasek Polytechnic 
Current programme:
BSc Aerospace Engineering
email: njo.hardi@gmail.com     
LinkedIn: Hardi
Facebook: TUDelftStudentAmbassadors