HyunJin Park

Hello. I am HyunJin Park studying hydraulic engineering at TU Delft. I graduated from Sejong University and Hanyang University for my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree respectively. I had worked as a coastal engineer for Kunhwa Engineering & Consulting Co. Ltd. for 7 years, and have a lot of practical experience in the field. I decided to study more to broaden my engineering perspective, and upon my decision, to no surprise, TU Delft was the first school that came up to my mind because I used their theories and models at all times.

TU Delft is the most prominent university not only in Europe also the world, and their reputation about hydraulic engineering is especially outstanding. Their programme is very well-organized and the comprehensive course structure allows us to learn not only from lectures also projects, internship, excursions, etc.

I contacted student ambassadors when I was considering to apply for TU Delft, and their study experience and efforts to help prospective students let me prepare my application well. I therefore strongly recommend you to contact student ambassadors before, during and after your application procedure.

Are you ready to apply for TU Delft? Then, please note that the first step is to contact student ambassadors.

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Name: HyunJin Park
Country: South Korea
Former University: Sejong University, Hanyang University
Current programme: MSc Civil Engineering - Hydraulic Engineering track
Email: H.Park-3@student.tudelft.nl
Linkedin: HyunJin Park
Facebook: Ambassadors