Luca Trotter

Hello everyone,

I am Luca, I am from Italy and I am currently studying in a master programme at the TU Delft and the University of Leiden.

When I finished my bachelor (laurea triennale) in environmental engineering in Bologna, I decided I wanted to go abroad in order the experience life in a different country and work in a more diverse environment. That is why I started looking at master programmes (lauree magistrali) abroad and how I stumbled upon the Netherlands and the two universities where I am currently studying.

Life in Delft is great, but getting here was not easy. There is a lot of bureaucracy involved a lot of requirements before you apply, then you need to find a house (which is not as trivial as it sounds, it took me three solid months, so ask away, I got plenty of tips), start getting accustomed to the place (and the weather), make friends and all of that. But we ambassadors are here for this, to help you out with any doubt you might have while taking this very important decision that could change you life!

So ask all you need to know, don't be shy. I am here to help, don't miss this great opportunity.

Ci vediamo a Delft, spero.


Name: Luca Trotter
Country: Italy
Former University: Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna
Current programme: MSc Industrial Ecology
Linkedin: Luca Trotter
Facebook: Ambassadors