Meng Li

Dear All!

I am Meng Li, a PhD candidate in Industrial Design department of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE in short, also known as IO in Dutch) in TU Delft, and I started my doctoral program in September 2017. My hometown is a historical city named Xi’an, where starts the ancient Silk Road and the Terracotta Warriors is located. I finished my Master in Design there at Xi’an Jiaotong University, a member of Chinese Elite University Alliance-C9. After my graduation, I worked as a researcher and lecturer there, and visited twice of Industrial Design Engineering Faculty in 2015 and 2016 summer. The open and vibrant academic atmosphere encouraged me to pursue my further education here.

A lot of my students also pursue to apply a further education program abroad, but the most difficult part for their application is choosing a suitable program for themselves. Of course, many of them would like to apply the universities in the U.S. or Britain due to the language requirements. But the tuition fee there is really expensive. Netherland is really a good choice for international students, not only because the relative low cost and rich English education program, but also due to the openness and internationalization of society. Besides, currently there are several scholarships available, e.g. CSC programs, which covers from short-term exchange to full program on bachelor, master and doctoral level. Moreover, the overseas study can be painstaking that also is caused by the bureaucratic processes, such as visa application, accomodation, and document legalization! As I was applying my position in Delft before, I had lots of discussion with my peers on these issues and I am happy to help them out. That is why I decided to join the ambassador’s programme so that I can help students like me.

Though I have a relative tight daily schedule on my work, the rich campus activities and organizations also opened a new window in my life. From the unique open ceremony of new academic year in September, to the open day activities in different faculties, and the cutting-edge lectures on various disciplines and extra-curriculum courses in Sport & Culture Center. You can also easily reach the TU management level via CvB speed date. Besides, I want to contribute to the our community,  so I joined the Graduate School Council in IDE and Promood, a PhD union at university level. TU Delft also consists of numerous student and study associations and joining one of them is one of the best ways to combine your studies with something fun! If you want to thoroughly explore your life here,  the best way is learning Dutch just like I am doing now.

Compared to 8 million Xi’an, Delft is a cozy small town with historical scenes and colorful events. One of the must-take is the welcome ceremony organized by the Delft municipal late September in old city hall in historical city square. The local municipal is also very international and professional, so you can easily find instruction in multiple language. You can easily handle a lot of municipal issues online such as move to a new address with your DigiD, a digital identity. Even though a Dutch debit card is a necessity here, you can also use visa or master credit card in supermarkets here when you just arrive. If you want to treat your Asian stomach better, you can visit Turkey or Asian stores in many places here. 


If you have any questions regarding the university, study programs, social life, scholarships or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact me!

: Meng Li
Country: P.R. China
Former University: Xi’an Jiaotong University
Current programme: PhD candidate of Applied Ergonomics & Design Section in Industrial Design Engineering
Linkedin: Meng Li
Facebook: Ambassadors