Michele Soana

Hi guys & girls, I am Michele Soana, an Italian student currently pursuing my MSc degree in Complex SystemEngineering and Management at TU Delft. After high school, I completed the first year of the BSc in Management Engineering (Ingegneria Gestionale) at the Politecnico di Milano, and successively decided I wanted to study abroad, in an international environment. Thus, I looked for a BSc inEnglish in my field of interested and went studying in a city in the very north of The Netherlands,Groningen, where I obtained my BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Here is why I decided to study at TU Delft and why I am very satisfied with my choice. Upon completion of my bachelor studies, I was looking for prestigious university where my passions for multidisciplinary situations could find a home, and in particular where I could learn more about the challenges and the possibilities to combine technical solutions with the surrounding social environment. I looked through the master programs offered by all the well-ranked universities, in Europe and outside, but the only ones truly intriguing me were the ones of the Technology, Policy, and Management faculty at TU Delft because of their comprehensive and ambitious approach. The three programs offered by the faculty aim to tackle in different ways the most fundamental challenges faced by our societies, and I thus decided TU Delft was the right place to prepare myself for the future. Besides, the fame of TU Delft is well known across The Netherlands.

Knowing already the Dutch society and education system, I knew how pragmatic the courses were going to be, building on a direct confrontation between students and professors, and relying on teamwork to truly creating a diverse, enthusiastic academic community. I was also very excited to discover the many international competitions teams of TU Delft students have been winning in recent years, as the Hyperloop challenge organized in California by Mr. Elon Musk.

Of the three programs, I chose the MSc in Complex System Engineering and Management(CoSEM), because of its focus on the integration of socio-technical aspects, my main interest; between the four specialization tracks, I am specializing in Energy, as I am passionate about the energy transition and I have wanted to learn how to enable it and bring it about.I am here to tell you all about my experience at TU Delft and answer the questions you might have about study program suits you best, as well as the practical steps you need to take for the application and settling in process. Do not hesitate to contact me though all of the available channels and ask any of your questions!

Siamo qui per rispondere a qualunque tua domanda, cosi da facilitare tutto il processo dell’applicazione a questa università davvero speciale.

Name: Michele Soana
Country: Italy
Former University: University of Groningen (The Netherlands), Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
Current programme: MSc CoSEM (Complex System Engineering and Management)
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