Mina Kocaman

Hi there! I am Mina Kocaman, a master’s degree student in Complex Systems Engineering and Management in TU Delft. Born and raised in Istanbul, I also did my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering back there at Bogazici University. I was an exchange student here in fall semester 2015-2016, and I really enjoyed my time here, that is why I wanted to come back to do my Master’s here.

People think hardest part of studying abroad is actually going there, but for me the hardest part was applying to different universities and making a choice among them. From the moment you start researching about universities to submitting your final documents, you will have a thousands of questions. The bureaucratic processes that follow are also a challenge! As I have been to Delft before, every month I have lots of questions from people back home and I am happy to help them out. That is why I decided to join the ambassador’s programme so that I can help students like me.

I have quite a busy schedule next to my studies. I enjoyed the activities of Erasmus Student Network Delft a lot when I was here, so I wanted to pay back. Now I am the vice president of ESN Delft. I am also in the career committee of TU Delft Scholarship Club. TU Delft consists of numerous student and study associations and joining one of them is one of the best ways to combine your studies with something fun! I am also learning Dutch, you might find out quickly that everyone (yes, really everyone) here can speak English, but when you start learning Dutch you realise there is a lot of more doors opening for you.

Compared to 15 million Istanbul, Delft is a quite small city. That is why life here is chill! Be sure to get a bike as soon as possible, get ready to eat sandwiches every lunch and be active as a student. TU Delft might seem like a serious place, but if you want to get active there is something for every taste.  Also, be careful with accommodation, that is the biggest problem international students face here.

If you have any questions regarding the university, study programs, social life, scholarships or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Name: Mina Kocaman
Country: Turkey
Former University: Bogazici University
Current programme: MSc Complex Systems Engineering and Management
Faculty: Technology, Policy and Management, TPM Faculty
Email: M.Kocaman@student.tudelft.nl
Linkedin: Mina Kocaman
Facebook: Ambassadors