Mira Ilieva

Hello! I am Mira, form Bulgaria and am currently a bachelor's student in Computer Science and Engineering. Before TU Delft I attended UWC Maastricht where within the IB programme I had the chance to develop my mathematics and science interests. Deciding to pursue my university education in Delft felt like a logical step for me, as I had already visited the university and loved it. 

Within my time as a student here I have participated in two dreamteams - DUT and AeroDelft where I have acquired invaluable skills for my future, both managerial and technical. Additionally, in my second year I dedicated my free time to the lacrosse sports association and some other fun activites offered at X. This really helped me to stay physically and mentally healthy. 

As a Student Ambassador this year I really hope I can answer all of your questions regarding life as a student in Delft or anything else you might struggle with in your application. 


Mira Ilieva

Country: Bulgaria

Current Program: BSc Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science track)