Nga Phung

Hello, my name is Nga and I’m currently studying Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) in Faculty of Applied Sciences. I chose TU Delft for my master’s degree simply because of its excellent educational environment towards a sustainable future. I believe that my dream of contributing to the global change and movement can be realized in TU Delft. 

Being an international student in Japan before and now in Netherland, I know that studying abroad is an excited adventure but it can be quite tough sometimes. That is why I joinedTU Delft Student Ambassadors where you can ask about application process, study and daily life in here as we shared the same experience of being international students. At the same time, I hope that more and more Vietnamese student will know about studying in Holland and particularly in TU Delft.

Prepare yourself to be inspired by innovative minds in our campus, to experience very unexpected weather, to enjoy Dutch culture, and to create friends for life in Delft.  Apply early to be selected for TU Delft Excellent Scholarship. And when you pack, don’t forget to bring camera  because autumn in Delft is beautiful.

Xin chào, tên mình là Nga. Chào mừng tới trang TU Delft Ambassador. Bọn mình là tổ chức sinh viên muốn giúp đỡ những sinh viên mới tới và trả lời câu hỏi bạn muốn biết trước khi tới TU Delft. Đừng ngần ngại đặt câu hỏi cho bọn mình qua facebook và qua email. 

Name: Nga Phung
Country: Vietnam
Former University: Kyushu University
Current programme: Sustainable Energy Technology
Linkedin: Nga Phung
Facebook: Ambassadors