Pablo Ortiz

I am a 27 years old Colombian designer currently doing my graduation project for the Design For Interaction program at the Industrial Design Engineering faculty. I first heard that the TUDelft existed while doing my bachelor studies in the Universidad De Los Andes at Bogotá. I knew about it because the most influential teacher that I have ever had is a graduate student from the Master program that I am currently finishing. Given her unmatched design skills, I decided to follow her steps and I have never regretted it. TUDelft’s quality signature can really cross through oceans and convince legions of smart people all around the world.

About myself: I am a sociable guy. I can get around Delft and make friends out of random strangers. If you get to know me better you will know that it is really difficult for me to feel shame or stage fright. As a result, I participate in many projects, associations and activities, and take as many opportunities life throws at me. Believe me when I say that life is going to be shooting trillions of opportunities at you in TUDelft, to the point that you will feel like Keanu Reeves in any of the bullet dodging scenes from The Matrix. You just need to learn your way around the university and the town as fast as you can to become a full TUDelft zen master and enjoy this awesome place and all its opportunities to the fullest.  It is really true that you can make it as a nerd and a cool guy simultaneously in Delft regardless of the criticisms of those negative nay sayers. Part of my motto is that “you need to have fun and enjoy yourself with as much responsibility as you need give to your own academic assignments and professional goals”. So you better aim to become the biggest nerd while being the wildest party animal (or chill penguin if you’re a more spiritual and calm person).

Come to TUDelft, get connected, follow the survival tips The Student Ambassadors have for you, and get to know your true social, academic and professional potential while studying next to the nerdiest and coolest badasses. If you are into Design and into Design For Interaction check this video from the faculty and the Wiersma brothers:

Name: Pablo Ortiz
Country: Colombia
Former University: Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia
Current programme: MSc Design For Interaction
Linkedin: Pablo Ortiz
Facebook: Ambassadors