Parikesit Abdi Negara

Hello guys! My name is Pari, graduated from Engineering Physics from Gadjah Mada University, worked in EPC Company focused on offshore business, and currently Master Candidate for Offshore and Dredging Engineering (ODE) of Delft University of Technology (TUD). Offshore market is promising and we are look forward to reach seas with deeper depth because there are still a lot of potentials we can get. That is why I sharpening my knowledge in ODE at TUD so I can take part in developing future offshore world for the benefit of mankind.

Little bit more about myself, I am interested in sports to keep my body healthy and listen to music to keep my head from being toasted. Since studying alone is not enough to fill my curiosity, I also take part in many activities that TUD offer with its student associations.

Applying for studies in abroad can be very tricky. Depending on your own luck without knowing the know-hows and understand the do-&-don’t might not giving you the best result. When my friends know I get accepted in TUD, many of them ask me about how to become successfully enrolled. Seeing this kind of spirit makes me want to share more about it and that is why I am here to help with TUD Student Ambassador Program, so that my story can be share in wider variety of people with the same passion to join the challenging society of TUD.

It’s better to prepare everything beforehand and don’t wait until deadline. Applying in the beginning of enrolment will give you a lot of benefit. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that, and proved it.

Kalau kalian punya pertanyaan seputar TUD, baik itu mengenai pendaftaran, perkuliahan, atau hal lain, jangan ragu buat tanya ya, Saya akan dengan senang hati menjawab semampunya! Sampai jumpa di TU Delft!

Name: Parikesit Abdi Negara
Country: Indonesia
Former University: Gadjah Mada University (UGM)
Current programme: Offshore and Dredging Engineering
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Facebook: Ambassadors