Silvana Corro Quintana

Hello!/ Hola!

My name is Silvana and I am a current master student in TU Delft. I studied architecture in my hometown Lima, and after having had some working experience I decided that I wanted to follow superior studies in Urbanism to help to improve the current conditions of peruvian cities. I knew about the vast tradition that The Netherlands has in this field so I started to look for a master program in it and that is how I got into TU Delft.

I know that the application for a master is not a little thing, there are lots of queries that always come up with it. Despite the effort the university does to make it easier, there is always better to have someone to directly talk to. It is also better if this person is from your same country. That is why I became an ambassador, to be that person that helps you out with all your concerns about the application procedure, the life in Delft, the possibilities that you have when coming here and so on. Feel free to ask me and I will be willing to help you. I know that, as this is a big investment, you need to be very sure about your decision!

TU Delft is not only a really great university but a great place! Besides the academic quality there is also a social and cultural benefit about coming here. This is a good place to get enriched by the vast amount of cultures since the international students are as many as the dutch ones, so do not worry, you will not feel as 'the other'. Also the variety of activities that the university offers in culture and sports are a good option to relax from the workload of studies.

So, if you have already decided about coming to TU Delft you can start preparing your documents, and your cooking skills to do not miss peruvian food... It is also possible to eat something else than bread for lunch if you think it is not enough for you! Los peruanos somos de 'buen diente', cierto?

Delft te espera, cuentas conmigo para hacer el camino más sencillo, pero todo depende de ti! 

Name: Silvana Corro Quintana
Country: Peru
Former University: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Current programme: MSc Urbanism
Linkedin: Silvana Corro Quintana
Facebook: Ambassadors