Tasneem Rahaman Khan

Hello all,

Let me introduce myself as Tasneem Rahaman Khan from Hyderabad, India. I am currently pursuing master’s in Embedded system, EEMCS faculty. I completed my bachelor’s in the field of Electronics and communication Engineering from JNTU Hyderabad. In future, I hope to work in the field of Embedded systems for which I had my heart set on TU Delft from the beginning. I recommend TU Delft for number of reasons: the convenience and safety of the campus, the university system, the course content and the flexibility in choosing any subject in the respective course.

From the day I received my admission letter to the day I arrived at the airport and throughout my course here in the first quarter, the university in every domain is wisely guiding me. There are always academic counselors faculty wise to guide a student in times of any confusion related to masters and also a coordinator who would help you decide with the subjects. Everyone in every faculty is amazingly supportive, and more than willing to offer help above and beyond what they are obliged to do. There are numerous resources on campus, including your peers and professors to help you succeed. All the programmes encourage and demand critical thought and creativity, which will give you a head start during the early days of your career.

Delft is a typical student city and promises you of spending your best university years. Delft is known for being a friendly city with a lively student population. Just in case, if you are a travel lover and if history amuses you, then the Netherlands offers you itself to widely explore it.

My duty as a student ambassador for any prospective student of TU Delft is to provide adequate information about the university, any doubts regarding Masters admission, living expenditure or anything in concern with your study in TU Delft and any tips you want upon your decision on studying in TU Delft. I can be best reached via e-mail given on this page.

Final note: Nevertheless, TU delft brings challenges to you, only to unleash yourself and come out of your comfort-zone and experience a whole new perspective. Your choice of studying here will be fruitful and successful.

Name: Tasneem Rahaman Khan
: India
Former University
: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad
Current programme:
MSc Embedded Systems
: tasneemrahamankhan@gmail.com
: Ambassadors